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We are a digital studio based in Budapest. We believe that partnerships are based on trust and directness, which is why we always aim to provide a personal and unique service.

Launch and grow 10x faster with a well thought-out digital brand strategy

Relevat Digital is a company that specializes in branding, web design, low-code web application development and automation. We want you to strengthen your company online and automate your business processes.

Our Work


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design, Web App, Marketing


Web Design, Product Strategy, Continous Development

360° digital expertise

From corporate identity to website development and digital campaigns, we help our partners dazzle their audiences and achieve visible results with their projects.

Brand Identity

We transform businesses into world-class brands through a well-thought-out brand identity design process.

Creative campaigns

We design intuitive web and mobile projects aimed at increasing user engagement and user retention.

Web Design

We design and develop stunning, lightning-fast, high-converting websites that increase your business success.

Art Direction

We help you turn your idea into a live, intuitive and ever-growing digital product that users will use and love.

UI / UX Design

One of the most important elements of a modern and captivating campaign or website is a transparent and user-friendly interface in its design

Digital consultancy

We help you take your business to the next level with various unique solutions and automations.

Build your brand as strong as your vision.

Earn customer trust and loyalty.

Fundraise with assurance and peace of mind

Stand out in your market.

Having a strong and memorable brand means you have a great edge amongst your competitors

Create meaningful creative campaings

Weather it’s a promotion campaign, a unique newsletter or an individual landing-page, we’re here to support you

for Enterprises

We help small and medium sized enterprises to collaborate test design ideas, automate manual work & test new hypothesis.

for Startups

We assist startups to build their Minimum Viable Product fast & affordable, to test out their idea, enter the market in a matter of weeks, and iterate quickly.

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